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Delmar, a part of Cengage Learning, is proud to offer this carefully reviewed and researched test preparation tool which includes the latest content to help users take and pass the T1-T8 ASE exams. The Technician Test Preparation product offers engaging video clips, animations, and graphics to stimulate interest. With three different study options, users can choose the method that suits them each time they sign on.

  • Practice Tests provide immediate feedback on correct and incorrect answers with links back to the Task content areas for most questions.
  • Sample Tests also use ASE-style questions however test results and correct answers will be available only after the test is completed.
  • The Timed Test is the most realistic replica of an ASE Exam. It allows the user 1.5 minutes to complete each question in the test. Test results and correct answers will be available only after the test is completed.

Each study option offers detailed reports that provide accurate test results, feedback, and links on areas of further study specific to each task area.

With the purchase of any Online ASE Technician Test Preparation program, you will receive:

  • one year secure access
  • a complete task list including an overview of each task to further enhance study
  • trucking glossary defining technical terms
  • technical support

For a list of all Technician Test Preparation course titles, ISBNs and single-user pricing, click here.

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